Beaches & Beach Clubs


One of the most exclusive and beautiful beaches along the Riviera Maya is located right in Playacar just a short walk from Villa Aqua (15-20 min). The beach at Playacar Phase I is a stretch of soft white sand and turquoise waters protected by the coral reef that runs along the coast and which is short distance off shore perfect for snorkeling.


Playa del Carmen is famous for its stylish beach clubs. Offering a pampering alternative to the public beaches, these clubs offer food and beverage services, a variety of spa treatments and aquatic sports, plus access to restrooms, showers and pools. Usually fees apply for the use of lounges and shade (umbrellas and palapas) or in some there is a minimum F&B consumption or even Day Pass costs.


Coralina Daylight Club is a private, exclusive and VIP beach club for adults over 18. With entertainment and music, beach and sea breeze this club is a little different than others in Playa Del Carmen. This is considered a “daylight club” which takes notes from places like Ibiza, Spain; where they started the party early and enjoy DJ’s and a club like atmosphere, only this time when the sun is out.

Coralina has upped the game and created a beach club that is less about being in the sand and more about being near the pool and drinking with friends while listening to electronica and dance music.

There are private tent areas that you can rent for a more luxurious and private affair complete with champagne buckets.

It is a place to be seen and see others.

Ask your Villa Host to help you place a reservation, which are highly recommended.


A treasure of Playa del Carmen, Mamitas Beach Club is the perfect blend of a glamorous setting, beautiful scenery and modern, chilled music. With an extensive stretch of sandy beaches, stylish canopy sunbeds and fantastic DJ mixes, Mamitas Beach Club gives another level to the beach lounge experience.


Zenzi Beach Club, Sports Bar and Restaurant has everything you could want for a great day or evening in Playa del Carmen. Bright Sunshine, the turquoise Caribbean Sea, gentle ocean breezes, International and Mexican Cuisine, live music, and a friendly relaxed atmosphere on one of the world's greatest beaches. And if that isn't enough, how about watching your favorite sporting event while enjoying the view.


Just a couple of minutes driving from Villa Aqua you will find The Reef Playacar Club, a Resort that hosts the beach club for Playacar Community. You just need to present your VIP cards at the hotel's reception and then you can spend a nice day at the beach, which includes the usage of beach lounges, swimming pools, kids club, daily activities and more from 9am until 5pm.

Be aware that due to the fact that The Playacar Reef is actually an ALL INCLUSIVE Resort you cannot drink or eat a la carte so If you are willing to take some drinks or eat something there is a Day pass for 50 usd per adult and 25usd per children (which is a 50% discounted rate) for Playacar's VIP card holders.

Some of the amenities and activities that the Day Pass may include from 9pm to 4pm are:

  • All meals, snacks, drinks
  • 2 Swimming pools
  • 1 Jacuzzi
  • 1 Kid's pool
  • 1 Kid's Club (ages 4-12)
  • Aerobics
  • Aquaerobics
  • Stretching
  • Spanish lessons
  • Dance lessons
  • Water Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Waterpolo
  • Board games
  • Basic equipped Gym
  • 1 Tennis court (day use only)
  • Reef Marina Dive Shop
  • Sailboats
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba demo in pool
  • Windsurfing
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Bicycles
  • All tips and taxes

Note: It may get very crowded in some seasons of the year, so we recommend other beach clubs to receive a better service.


There is an oasis called Martina Beach Club, which is becoming one of the best options for locals, foreign, and national visitors.

If you love spending all day on the beach, enjoying its white sand and turquoise waters but also cooling off with a good dip in the pool, taking a nap in a very comfortable bed while the sun tans your skin or simply enjoying a few beers or cocktails while the guest DJ is in charge of putting you in the best chill / beach mood, Martina Beach Club is an excellent option.


Located on the vibrant Quinta Avenida of Playa del Carmen, Alessia Dayclub ensures a feeling of luxury and fun from the height of our spectacular Rooftop. An exclusive environment for adults only, stunning panoramic views of the Riviera Maya, an infinity pool with a swim-up bar, and its exquisite cuisine make up the ideal setting to enjoy the day.

Alessia Dayclub has round sunbeds, elevated daybeds, and cabanas available, perfect for adventurous couple’s weekends, unforgettable bachelorette/bachelor parties, or groups’ special celebrations. Simply put - ALESSIA Dayclub is the place to be during your visit to Riviera Maya.

Live DJ from Thursday to Sunday


Mandarino Beach Club Italian style is ideal for family, friends and couples, designed for all those who want to spend a relaxing day in our beautiful and private beach club.

They have a super trendy Beach Tennis court where you can enjoy to the fullest accompanied by a great atmosphere and soft music.

Delight in the unique and original Italian cuisine with our renowned Chef Nicola Cafagno, where you can sit on the seashore tasting each of our different dishes in a cozy first-rate environment.

Always heed beach warning flags, which alert visitors to undertows and jellyfish problems. It is important to know and respect the meaning of the colored flags that are on the beach and indicate the state of the tide:
Red-Black: danger
Yellow: caution
Green or Blue: calm waters.

Never walk on the beach alone at night.
Years ago, topless sunbathing was a crime in Mexico, but the law is not enforced these days in Playa; however, women should be aware that provocative clothes or nudity might invite unwanted attention/comments in a country where nudism is not common.

Villa Aqua Rooms
Villa Aqua Rooms

In the Water

Hundreds of miles of spectacular beaches stretch along the coastline of the Riviera Maya. Backed by the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Mexico's Riviera Maya is an ideal destination for aquatic sports and adventures both above and under the water.

The Mexican Caribbean is catalogued world-class scuba diving and snorkeling destination. The world's second largest coral reef system extends the length of the coastline and a stunning array of colorful corals; tropical fish and marine life thrive just below the ocean's surface.

You can also enjoy snorkeling and cave diving in the thousands of cenotes (underground sinkholes) that are scattered throughout the region. Exploring this underground network of freshwater pools and rivers is one of the more unique things to do in Riviera Maya Mexico.


Snorkeling allows everyone, to explore the underwater world. This activity has become extremely popular among tourists from all over the world. It is such safe aquatic sports that even kids can participate, and makes it the perfect activity to enjoy with your family. Between the wonderful coral reef and "cenotes" (sinkholes) in the region there is always an unexplored spot.

Snorkeling in Playa del Carmen is far better from a boat than off shore, so chartering a boat is recommended. Trips out to some of the local reefs give snorkelers the chance to explore a variety of ocean life. The reefs that can be explored when snorkeling in Playa are ideal for this activity because they have a maximum depth of 15 feet, meaning that the best is near the surface.


The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea are great for scuba diving to experience underwater life on the Great Mayan Reef. The coral formations extending along a large portion of the coast are an unforgettable sight, which allows you to explore the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere. The numerous subterranean rivers and "cenotes", formed by water filtering through the limestone, provide another option for those who love diving. Many locations within the jungle provide rental equipment as well as guides and instructors for cave diving.

If you are interested on learning how to dive, we can organize some classes for you or even help you obtain your certification. Just contact your Villa Host for more information.


Enjoy a memorable day on the Caribbean waters sailing in a luxury yacht. The most recommended option for a great day with family and friends.

Discover the extraordinary turquoise waters of the Riviera Maya Coast, all aboard a luxurious yacht, the perfect place to have fun snorkeling, sun tanning, fishing or drinking margaritas with a luxurious lunch served in the flybridge lounge area by your onboard chef.

Ask your Villa Host about the different charter yacht tours that fit almost any budget, from "good-value-for-the-money" tours that include excellent shrimp and fish ceviche or delicious cheeseburgers and an open bar, to "top-of-the-line" VIP tours with your very own onboard chef, specialty menus, premium bar and bartender.

Note: Yacht trips depart from Puerto Aventuras. Transportation from Villa Aqua to the dock and back is not included but can be arranged by your Villa Host.


The quality of deep-sea fishing in the Playa del Carmen area may come as a surprise to you. This area is perhaps more famous for its fantastic diving and it's amazing Mayan ruins, but the truth is that fishing in the Riviera Maya is an activity that draws thousands of visitors a year and ranked extremely high by serious anglers from all over the world.

After all, this is the Caribbean and many of the world's most wanted fish swim in the waters off the coast of Playa del Carmen. Sailfish are particularly prevalent. Throughout the year there are frequent fishing tournaments held with lovers of the sport.


Set sail on your own private catamaran charter. You can enjoy the morning breezes of the Mexican Caribbean or spend an afternoon surrounded by your family and friends aboard. You can snorkel, swim, or just enjoy the tropical beauty of the Riviera Maya.

If you like Sunsets, there's no better place to soak up the last rays of the tropical sun than a graceful catamaran as you cruise up the Caribbean coastline.

It is the perfect plan for family reunions, corporate events, and other occasions to remember such as weddings or even memorial services.

Tours leave from Puerto Aventuras or Cancun and generally last 4 hours.


The natural wonders of this Region are innumerable and some of the most important and unusual are the Cenotes, or sinkholes. It is estimated that there are more than 6000 in the Yucatan Peninsula, although only 2400 are registered. The Mayans called them “dzonot”, which the conquering Spaniards translated as Cenote.

Cenotes are magical, enigmatic and unique in the world and were once the only resource for fresh, sweet water in the local jungle.

They were the sacred places of the Mayas for that reason, but also because they represented the entrance to the underworld. The stalactites and stalagmites that form inside are true natural works of art. In many, holes in the ceiling allow the sunlight to filter, giving the scene a magical feeling. The Cenotes are a natural treasure that should be seen by all, keeping in mind that they should be protected so that man does not destroy in a few days what nature took millions of years to create. The many Cenotes that are in the Riviera Maya are a good choice for swimming, snorkeling and, for the more experienced, even diving.

Important: Do not touch any of the funds and walls in the dive, and please do not use suntan lotion before the bath as they can seriously pollute the pristine waters of the cenotes, destroying plant and animal species that are only found i n them.

Recommendations: Bring: swimsuit, sandals or sneakers, towel, insect repellent (biodegradable), shirt and long pants if you are walking through the jungle and snorkel if you don't want to rent it.


The Swimming with dolphins activity includes several activities such as jumping, hugging, kissing, markings, swirls, foot push and free interaction. In addition, throughout the programs trainers outlined interesting information about animal behavior, diet, health and care. Trainers should be always open to answer all questions about dolphin's world.

If you have done this before, maybe you would like to experience two types of Swimming with dolphins that are entirely new and unique in the global market: one is called Dolphin Trek, a scuba diving with dolphins program (no diving experience required and is totally safe), and the other, The One, which is a unique program where you will live this experience only by yourself for an hour with a dolphin. And for the ones that are really into the dolphin's world, maybe you would like to experience a day as a trainer!


Swimming (snorkel only) with the ocean's largest fish the "whale shark" is one of the most exciting things you'll do while in Riviera Maya and probably in your life!

The annual migration of whale sharks, actually the largest such concentration in the world, begins in May as the whale sharks return again for their summer feeding season here near the top tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. They come every year to "eat" nature's buffet of algae, plankton, krill, fish eggs, & tiny brine shrimp.

While feeding on this bountiful buffet the whale sharks swim along the surface of the sea with "mouths wide open" (mouths big enough to swallow a grown man in one gulp but...they're harmless "vegetarians" who are no threat to man, woman or child). Kids from 4 yrs & up can swim; it is perfectly safe for the whole family!

If you stay in Villa Aqua between the months of May and September don't miss the opportunity to do this activity which we are sure will be the "highlight of your vacation".


Dare to dive with these mysterious rulers of the sea! From November to February every year the Bull Sharks come to Playa to feed and to breed. They are thought by many to be one of the most dangerous sharks. See the other side to these magnificent fish, showing just how little there is to be feared and giving you one of the most incredible experiences possible, up close and personal with the Bull Sharks.

They are naturally curious animals and will pass within 2-3 feet sometimes in order to get a good look at the divers. In order to participate in this experience, you need to be a certified diver with experience and good buoyancy control and air consumption.


Kiteboarding, or kitesurfing, is just about the coolest sport on the planet! This exhilarating sport combines aspects of surfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, and more. Imagine being able to pull off all your favorite wakeboard moves without the assistance of a boat. Ride wherever you want with only the tranquil sound of the wind in your ears. Jump 30-feet off flat water without a ramp, surf more waves in one day than you ever thought possible. Your age, weight, or past experiences are no-excuses. As long as have the desire to learn, and are willing to follow recommendations then you'll be able to learn Kite boarding and enjoy it!!!

Normally the best period is from mid of November until the end of May but even summertime (June/July/August) can give some very good windy kiteboarding days.

Contact your Villa Host for more information, reservations, pricing and rates.


If you love golf, we invite you to try the Mayan Trail.

Experience the magnificent natural scenery located in tropical forests and bordering the Caribbean Sea, with beautiful lagoons, natural wells and mangrove swamps, all of them with their characteristic turquoise blue water color.

The existing courses extend from the Riviera Maya towards Cancun, including a Golf Course on the island of Cozumel, all of them designed by recognized architects like Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Robert Trent Jones Jr., P.B. Dye, Tom Fazio, Tom Weiskopf and Robert Von Hagge, who have obtained the attention and respect of players of all levels and abilities.


The Golf Club at Playacar is a 7202 yards, par 72, championship golf course, designed and built by Robert Von Hagge. With a slope rating of 148 from the championship tees, 136 from the white tees, and 134 from the red tees, it is as challenging to play as it is beautiful to view. The Club has an innovative all-inclusive system where you will be treated with excellent service from your arrival to the Clubhouse until you leave the course. Snack and beverage carts circulate the course for your convenience.

The Club provides a first class practice area, complete with a spectacular driving range, and a large putting green including chipping, pitching, and greenside bunker areas.

Villa Aqua is located right between the 13th and 14th greens and just a couple of minutes driving distance from the Club House.


A Greg Norman design, El Camaleón Golf Club boasts a spectacular layout winding about the tropical jungle and the mangrove before boldly stretching to the sea. Well reputed among golf's finest players, El Camaleón was the PGA TOUR site for the Mayakoba Classic, the only official PGA TOUR event held outside the U.S.A. or Canada. Here, golf enthusiasts of all skill levels can experience the essence of a pristine and natural landscape, recognized by the Audubon Society.

Like the chameleon from which it takes its name, the course offers up ever-changing challenges and alluring vistas: fairways lined with sand dunes and mangroves, distinctive hazards such as cenotes (subterranean caves), crystal-clear lagoons, and greens perched on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. At 7,024 yards, PAR 72 and open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., El Camaleón offers a day filled with exhilarating play.


Gran Coyote Golf in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, is an 18-hole Par 71 masterpiece artfully routed through the magnificent coastal jungle landscape. Designed by three-time major champion Nick Price and built with a focus on minimizing its environmental impact, Gran Coyote Golf features well-manicured fairways and greens that seamlessly blend into the surrounding beauty.

Just steps away from the beachfront, Gran Coyote Golf challenge golfers with tricky winds, strategic bunkering, and seven acres of water hazards spread throughout the course. The facilities at Gran Coyote Golf are top-notch, and the use of the clubhouse and beach club with its many amenities is included.

Shared golf cart, 1- 500 ml bottle of water, tees, divot repair, ball marker, fresh face towels, and roundtrip transportation.


In the proud tradition of the world-renowned Dye family golf courses, architect P.B. Dye's latest masterpiece: The Iberostar Playa Paraiso Golf Club, is truly unique.

On a landscape that is relatively flat, rises a golf course like no other in the Mexican Caribbean. Carved out of the ancient Mayan jungle, the Iberostar Playa Paraiso Golf Club has many of the traits of a typical Dye Design: narrow fairways, deep bunkers, extreme vertical movement and untraditional hazards such as a rock riverbed are facts that make the course distinctively different from others in the area.


The golf course of Puerto Aventuras is an exciting and challenging activity. A beautiful 36-hole course designed in 1991 by Thomas Leman and is still one of the best-kept secrets in this area. A smooth carpet of Bermuda grass, surrounded by palm trees, bougainvillea, tropical trees and lush foliage, covers all the Greens. In their daily rounds you may encounter iguanas, deer, various tropical birds and other wildlife.

The Golf course opens every day year round from 7:30 AM until dark. Golf Carts are not mandatory and no reservations are necessary.


It is perhaps here; in the executive golf course at El Manglar Vidanta Golf Riviera Maya that Jack Nicklaus developed the world's foremost golf course, in which his design firm achieves to project the creative, revolutionary, and cutting edge stamp that distinguished it. With 18 Holes – Par 54 in an area of 2,923 yards long filled with radiant white sand traps, dark tones of natural stone lining pristine lakes, deep lush hue of the greens, and waste bunkers, this course is a garden of delights for golf lovers.

The insignia of the course, the 17th —named Donna-Green—, boasts three bunkers on each side of the green and one more at its center, making it a one of a kind, so it is notoriously difficult to get out of it with a par.

Contact your Villa Host for reservations, tee times and rates.

Parks & Adventure

Quintana Roo is one of Mexico's wildest and most singular States within Mexico. It is the gateway to amazing animal diversity, exuberant flowers and trees, and traces of the Mayan magnificent civilization. Don’t miss the chance to explore many of these things, which you can find in the parks in the area.


Ride an ATV through jungle paths, swim in a clear 60-foot deep Cenote, explore caves, climb ancient Mayan ruins on this 2-hour tour, just a few minutes drive from Villa Aqua.


Xcaret, the largest and most impressive theme park in the Riviera Maya, offers a wide variety of activities and diversions in a spectacular natural setting. Here you can snorkel in an underground river, learn about marine life in a living aquarium, walk through a butterfly pavilion, see jaguars and pumas, swim with dolphins and manatees, and learn about sea turtles. If you are interested on Mexican culture, this is the place to find folk art expression (art craft, shows, food, music and more…).


Xplor is a unique underground paradise, with 7 amazing circuits that invite you to rediscover your emotions and senses within nature.

Dare to ride the 13 zip lines among the Caribbean's lively nature and enjoy refreshing water landings and amazing suspension bridges; take a trip through the jungle on unstoppable amphibious vehicles, explore an underground paradise where you can swim surrounded by amazing stalactites and stalagmites, discover a matchless raft route across stunning subterranean caverns while paddling with your own hands, and to complete your feat, a nutritious and light buffet, that will recharge your energy.


Xel-Ha is a natural aquarium park, where fresh water from underground rivers meets the saltwater of the ocean, forming a particularly diverse environment for snorkeling. Admire the impressive variety of brightly colored tropical fish, or enjoy tubing, biking or walking around the park. It's a wonderland of Cenotes, mangroves and lagoons where nature lovers will find plenty to do.


This magical place with an ambiance of fiesta, music and tradition captures the imagination of everyone who visits by conjuring up memories of Mexico in its golden age. Decorated with motifs from the 32 States of Mexico, the famous trajineras, that were once used for transporting flowers, fruits and vegetables grown in floating gardens, have become a means of transportation and a cause of joy for all those who come to Xoximilco searching for a unique moment they can only experience here, in a modern version of the legendary cruise through the canals, with the colors and the charm of those magical moments we hold dear.

Park entrance includes: nighttime cruise on board a trajinera, dinner, open bar with tequila, beer, fruit flavored beverages and sodas, different ensembles playing traditional live music such as: mariachi, bolero trio, jarocho quartet and marimba. Approximate duration: 3 hours


Río Secreto could very well be one of the great wonders of the world. Experience this stunning underground river with thousands of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites. It's like stepping back in time to witness something mysterious and truly spectacular.

This system of caves, formed over centuries by an underground river, is located only a few miles from Villa Aqua. It is by far the longest partially flooded cave in the Yucatan Peninsula, but what makes Río Secreto even more special is the fact that it has more than 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) of semi-sunken cave mapped out with 15 natural outlets located in different areas. There's nothing else like it!

Keep in mind, this exotic and fragile geological formation requires an incredible amount of eco-awareness and sensitivity. The size of tour groups is limited to minimize impact on the cave. This will ensure that many generations get to see our planet's natural history carved in mineral substances.

A journey through Río Secreto is surreal, mystical and memorable. Whether you're an adventurer, world traveler, or simply a curious soul, you should experience one of the most intriguing natural attractions in the Riviera Maya.
It is a great option for a rainy day!


Live a great experience rappelling into a beautiful cenote and fly over the jungle's foliage on exciting zip-lines and participate in a traditional Mayan purification ceremony.

A complete Mayan-adventure experience that you should not miss!


At Sian Ka'an you can kayak through narrow canals between mangroves, climb an ancient pyramid, float in a crystal clear cenote, or try your hand at saltwater fly fishing, visit Muyil lagoon and its ruins, savor the sunrise here and you'll understand why the ancient Maya named this place Sian Ka'an, which in their language means, "where the sky is born." —all within a lush protected environment south of Playa del Carmen and Tulum.


Jumping out of a plane with the Caribbean below will certainly be an electric and vivid memory that you will cherish forever.


More of a cultural experience than a spa treatment, the Temazcal ceremony purifies your mind, body, and spirit. Dating back to pre-Hispanic times, the Temazcal is believed to have been used widely among the ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures in Mexico. The name Temazcal translates to "house of steam".

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